ESRD Divisional Board (EDB)

Bylaws state 5 year term. Chair term does not apply.
Appointment by year (%): 2016 (100%), 2017 (0%), 2018 (0%), 2019 (0%), 2020 (0%)

MemberTitle/CommitteeLocationYear AppointedYear Term EndsAffiliatePosition
Erdal Sarac, MD, FACP, FASNESRD Divisional Board ChairPoland, OH20162020The Renal Group for Kidney CarePresident
Anil Agarwal, MD, FACP, FASN, FNKF, FASDINMedical Review Board Chair, ESRD Divisional Board Youngstown, OH20172020Chief, Section of Nephrology
Michelle Barnet, MSW, LSWESRD Divisional Board Indianapolis, IN20162020FMCRenal Social Worker
Jim DineenESRD Divisional Board West Chester, OH 20162020N/AConsumer Representative
Larrine EdmondESRD Divisional Board Cleveland, OH20172020Consumer Representative
Mahmond El-Khatib, MD ESRD Divisional Board Cincinnati, OH 20162020University of CincinnatiProfessor of Medicine/Medical Director
Amit Govil, MD, FASN, FNKFESRD Divisional BoardCincinnati, OH20172020Director of Kidney Pancreas Transplant Program
Susan Healey, RDESRD Divisional Board Toledo, OH20172020Renal Dietitian
Jeff Kaufhold, MD, FACP ESRD Divisional Board Dayton, OH 20162020Nephrologist/Medical Director
Michael Kraus, MD, FACP ESRD Divisional Board Indianapolis, IN 20162020University of IndianaClinical Chief Nephrology IU
John Larsen, CHT, CHBTESRD Divisional Board St. Terre Haute, IN 20162020FMCPatient Care Technician
AJ Pampalone, MDESRD Divisional Board Chesterton, IN20172020Northwest Indiana NephrologyPresident, Northwest Indiana Nephrology
Siddharth Shah, MD ESRD Divisional Board Louisville, KY 20162020University of Louisville PhysiciansPhysician
Greta Theis, BSN, RN ESRD Divisional Board Sharpsburg, KY 20162020DaVitaFacility Administrator
Lee Vogelgesang, MSW, LISW ESRD Divisional Board Akron, OH 20162020DavitaRenal Social Worker

Medical Review Board (MRB)

Bylaws state 5 year term. Chair term does not apply.
Appointment by year (%): 2016 (100%), 2017 (0%), 2018 (0%), 2019 (0%), 2020 (0%)

MemberTitle/CommitteeLocationYear AppointedYear Term EndsAffiliatePosition
Anil Agarwal, MD Medical Review Board ChairColumbus, OH 20162020Ohio State UniversityProfessor/Medical Director
Alok Agarwal MD, FASN, FNKFMedical Review BoardDayton, OH20172020Centers for Dialysis CareInterventional Nephrologist
Lisa Arndt, CHT Medical Review BoardLakewood, OH 20162020DavitaDialysis Technician
Airielle Banaszak, MSW, LISWMedical Review BoardRocky River, OH 20162020DavitaRenal Social Worker
Anthony Degenhard, DO, FASNMedical Review BoardCanton, OH 20162020Nephrologist/Medical Director
Rose Deis, RD, LDMedical Review BoardAkron Ohio20172020Renal Dietitian
Allison Gragg MSW, LISWMedical Review BoardCambridge, OH20172020Nephrology Social Worker
Ann Huml, MDMedical Review BoardCleveland, Ohio20172020Case Western ReserveTransplant Specialist, Clinical Nephrologist
Kay McKinley, MHA, MSN, BSNMedical Review BoardIndianapolis, IN20172020Group Facility Administrator
Andrew Rider, MSW, LSW Medical Review BoardNoblesville, IN20162020FMCRenal Social Worker
Raina Rupesh, MD, FAAP, FACPMedical Review BoardAkron, OH20172020Akron General HospitalAdult and Pediatric Nephrologist
Beth Smith, RN, CNN Medical Review BoardColumbus, OH 20162020Nationwide Children's HospitalPediatric Nephrology Nurse
Gina Suozzi, MS, RD, LDMedical Review BoardCleveland, OH20172020Cleveland Home DialysisRenal Dietitian
Marsha Evans-Votaw, RN, CNNMedical Review BoardLouisville, KY 20162020American RenalNephrology Nurse/Clinic Manager
Jonathon Webb, MDMedical Review BoardLexington, KY20172020University of KentuckyProgram Director - University of Kentucky

Grievance Committee

Bylaws state Chair term is 5 year term.
Appointment by year (%): 2016 (100%), 2017 (0%), 2018 (0%), 2019 (0%), 2020 (0%)

MemberTitle/CommitteeStateYear AppointedYear Term EndsAffiliatePosition
Anthony Degenhard, DO, FASNGrievance Committee Chair20162020Nephrologist
Airielle Banaszak, MSW, LISWGrievance Committee 2016N/ADavitaSocial Worker
Susan Heasley, MSEd, RD, LD Grievance Committee 2016N/AUS RenalDietitian
Greta Theis, BSN, RNGrievance Committee 2016N/ADavitaRenal Nurse
Joyce JacobsGrievance Committee 2016N/AConsumer Representative

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