Overarching goal: CMS states the intent of this QIA is to assist ESRD patients with seeking gainful employment and/or returning to work. 

Target Facilities and Goals: The Network will work with at least 10% of all Network facilities and a minimum of five Employment Networks (EN) and/or State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agency that serves the recruited patient population and educate patients regarding the researched and identified EN and VR resources.  The goal of this QIA is to demonstrate at least a 5% increase in referrals to an identified EN/VR agency and a 2% increase in the number of patients receiving EN/VR services.

Project Requirements

Facilities must update all eligible patient's VR status in CROWNWeb, promote and monitor the Patient Ambassador Program.


Project Resources - Provider

Patient Ambassador

Research and best practices have demonstrated that units with active participation of patients as members of the health care team achieve better clinical outcomes more readily. This yea, the Network is requesting that each facility in the Vocational Rehabilitation QIA designate at least one patient, or preferably, one patient per shift to take the lead on special projects. We will provide training for these patients to supervise these programs in the clinic. Patients should be viewed as role models in the unit as gar as the ability to lead and become "the unofficial spokesman" on the care team.

In this role, the patient will:

  • Provide contact information to the Network.
  • Participate in educational information web conference presentations with the Network.
  • Review educational materials designed for patients in the target facilities and throughout the Network community.

Patient Ambassador Resources and Tools

Patient Ambassador Sign Up:

Man leaning back on chair

Network 9 (IN, KY, OH)

Andrea Bates, LSW, MSW
Patient Services Director

Kenny Kinder, MSW
 Patient Services Director