Provider Insider: 2016 Releases

December: 12/12/2016; 12/29/2016
November: 11/14/2016
October: 10/08/2016; 10/17/2016
September: 09/05/2016
August: 08/08/2016; 08/22/2016
July: 07/11/2016; 07/25/2016
June: 06/27/2016
April: 04/04/2016; 04/18/2016
March:03/07/2016; 03/21/2016
February: 02/08/2016; 02/22/2016
January: 01/25/2016

Kidney Chronicles: 2016 Releases

November/December: (English | Spanish) Take Part In Your Planning
September/October: (English | Spanish)Peritoneal Dialysis (PD): The Needle Free Option
July/August (English|Spanish) Vaccinations: Influenza and Hepatitis B
June (English| Spanish)
What is Sepsis?; Daily AV Fistula/Graft Checks
(English| Spanish) What You Need to Know About Calcium; Treatment Options
April (English|Spanish )Improving Your Dialysis Experience: Tips for Successful Communication
March (English|Spanish) Ten Tips to Help You Become Active in Your Care
February (English|Spanish) Returning to Work; Hemodialysis Catheter Care
January (English| Spanish) The IPRO ESRD Network Program; Patient Volunteers