Plan of Care

Resources for Patients who are Considering Stopping Treatment

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The Survey and Certification Program certifies ESRD facilities for inclusion in the Medicare Program by validating that the care and services of each facility meet specified safety and quality standards, called "Conditions for Coverage." The Survey and Certification Program provides initial certification of each dialysis facility and ongoing monitoring to ensure that these facilities continue to meet these basic requirements.

This link below provides basic information related to survey and certification of dialysis facilities for ESRD surveyors and dialysis providers. It includes links to applicable laws and regulations, and provides resources to support and assess compliance with Federal regulations.

National Kidney Foundation – Council of Nephrology Social Workers

Resources and tools to assist facilities and social workers meet the care planning requirements in accordance to the CMS Conditions for Coverage

Behavior Contracts

Healthcare providers can use behavior contracts to address problematic patient behaviors in an effort to preserve the provider–patient relationship. Behavior contracts also can be used to support the process of terminating the provider–patient relationship.

What may seem like common sense behavior to a healthcare provider may not align with what the patient has learned over his or her lifetime. The provider’s role includes setting rules and expectations for an effective relationship. Behavior contracts are a tool that helps facilitate this process. Using a behavior contract might be beneficial when working with patients who have:

  • Drug seeking or addictive behaviors;
  • Patterns of inappropriate behavior (e.g., verbal, physical, etc.);
  • Manipulative behavior;
  • Continued noncompliance issues (e.g., repeated no shows; agreeing to, but not complying with, a treatment plan; etc.); or
  • Financial barriers.

The Behavior Contract as a Positive Patient Experience