The goal of this project is to foster patient and staff relationships to ultimately prevent concerns from escalating to a grievance category by improving efficacy in handling concerns at the facility level. The Network's aim is to achieve a 20% decrease from the baseline established in March 2017 to the September 2017 re-measure period.

Project Guidelines

IPRO ESRD Network Program will be focusing activities on establishing an effective and efficient grievance process so that patients feel comfortable handling their interpersonal, operational, and environmental issues with the facility. In preparation for our 2017 Grievance Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) we are collecting grievance logs from participating facilities. We are asking  facilities involved in this project to use the following Grievance Log Category Tool to track facility-level grievances and send it back to the Network as directed in the notification letters.

2017 Facility and Network Activities

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Andrea Bates, MSW
Patient Services Director