How May We Help You?

The Network has qualified staff members who are ready to provide technical assistance to the ESRD community. For your convenience, each staff member has been listed below by department. If you need technical assistance, or have a specific question or concern, this information may assist you in directing your communication.

Vicky Cash

Vicky Cash - Executive Director

Victoria Cash serves at the Executive Director for the Network. With over 30 years as a clinician in dialysis and quality management she leads our Network operations and administration.

Brittany Battle

Brittany Battle- Project Support Coordinator

Brittany Battle serves as the Project Support Coordinator. With a background in working in health care settings, she supports Network operations and administration.

Deborah DeWalt

Deborah Dewalt - Quality Improvement Director

Deborah DeWalt serves as the Quality Improvement Director for the Network. With over 30 years in dialysis as a Nurse she leads our quality improvement department and initiatives.

Susan Swan-Blohm

Susan Swan-Blohm - Quality Improvement Coordinator

Susan Swan-Blohm serves as the Quality Improvement Coordinator for the Network. With 34 years as a licensed dialysis technician she supports quality improvement activities within the Network.

Andrea Bates

Andrea Bates - Patient Services Director

Andrea Bates serves as the Patient Services Director for the Network. with 6 years of experience as a Social Worker in dialysis, she handles all grievance and patient issues within the Network as well as quality improvement activities related to patient experience or access to care.

Kenny Kinder

Kenny Kinder-Patient Services Coordinator

Kenny Kinder serves as the Network's Patient Services Coordinator. He has over 17 years of experience in the Developmental Disabilities field, with the last 6 years being an Independent Provider for Medicaid and Medicare services. Kenny holds a Bachelors in Social Work from Cleveland State University.

Amar Patole

Amar Patole - Data Analyst III

Amar Patole serves as the Data Analyst for the Network. With experience in handling data, specifically in health care settings, he pulls and analyzes all data pertinent to helping with the functioning of the Network.

Jerome Jemison

Jerome Jemison - Data Coordinator

Jerome Jemison serves as the Network's Data Coordinator. With 7 years of data experience and 2 of those being in health care systems, Jerome upkeep's the Network CROWNWeb requirements and provides data support for end users.