Home dialysis modalities are underutilized in the USA with only 8% of the dialysis patients undergoing renal replacement therapy at home versus 92% being treated with center hemodialysis. The intent of the Home Dialysis QIA is to promote referral to home dialysis modalities, identify and mitigate the barriers to timely referral, and determine the steps patients and providers can take to improve referral patterns.  The Networks shall increase the number of patients on a home modality by participating in the ESRD NCC Home Dialysis LAN, and assisting dialysis facilities in the implementation of interventions to support patients through the process of training to dialyze at home. 

Overarching goal: CMS states the number of patients dialyzing at home will increase from 12% to 16% by 2023.

Promote Appropriate Home Dialysis QIA


The Network will work with 30% of all network facilities to increase the number of patients initiating home dialysis training by 10% over baseline. There are no patient exclusions for this QIA.

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Dr. Michael Kraus: The How and Why of Home Dialysis

Promote Appropriate Home Dialysis 2018 Kick Off Webinar

Appropriate Home Dialysis Patient Ambassador Kickoff 2018

Patient Selection and Retention

How To Select a Patient for Home

Patient Ambassador

Research and best practices have demonstrated that units with active participation of patients as members of the health care team achieve better clinical outcomes more readily. This year, the Network is requesting that each facility in the Promote Appropriate Home Dialysis QIA designate at least one patient, or preferably, one patient per shift to take the lead on special projects. We will provide training for these patients to supervise these programs in the clinic. Patients should be viewed as role models in the unit as far as the ability to lead and become "the unofficial spokesman" on the care team.

In this role, the patient will:

  • Provide contact information to the Network.
  • Participate in educational and information web conference presentations with the Network.
  • Review educational materials designed for patients in the target facilities and throughout the Network community.
  • Distribute and review resources with patients.

Patient Ambassador Resources and Materials

Appropriate Home Dialysis Patient Ambassador Kickoff

NCC: Home Dialysis Treatment Options

NKF: Peer Mentors

Home Dialysis Central

My Life My Dialysis Choice

Myth Hemodialysis

Myth Peritoneal Dialysis

Myth Practical Matters

Reporting Home Training Starts in CROWNWeb

How To Do A Lobby Day Flyer

Update the Patient Modality Status in Crown Web

Home Dialysis Myths Booklet

Celebrating Patients Going Home Announcement

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